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Marnico Music is a record label created by Daniel Moreno in 2002 to feature and document his travels and improvisational journeys through music. Marnico Music focuses rest on afrocentric and Latin American genres flamed by percussion, voice and organic acoustic sounds.

In the last years, Marnico Music has partnered with Spiritual Life Music (Joe Claussell) to produce and promote many other improvisational artists.

Speak in Tones 2CD is the product of the collaboration between two New York based artists: percussionist, composer, producer, Daniel Moreno and saxophonist, composer, producer Mike Ellis.

The title of this recording is Subaro which means "evening conversation" in the Bambara dialect of Mali (West Africa) and the underlying cultural premise is that of a fusion between three unique urban areas that of: Bamako (Mali West Africa) New York City and Salvador do Bahia(Brazil)and these three flavors are distinctly present.

With Daniel Moreno and the virtuos guitarist Herve Samb. “KHARIT” means friendship in the Wolof language (Senegal).