flyer-medDaniel Moreno's latest album KHARIT will be featured on the "2nd Rio de Janeiro's Vinyl Fair" happening Sunday, Oct 10th@ The Clube Israelita-Brasileiro (Barata Ribeiro St. corner with Anita Garibaldi St.) - Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL !

Participants will have a chance to win KHARIT cds  during the  funky  "Vinyl to the People" raffle , organized by Migrating Media & Productions to promote selected independent artists and lables.  

"For this special promo, we were looking to represent artist independence, métissage, broad world influences and surprising music   - that's why we chose KHARIT (Spiritual Life Music/KHARIT_front_cover_old Marnico Music)  - independent world jazz album fresh from NYC,  AFRIKYA (album by DUB INC.  indie french/world reggae band, DJ Spooky   - HH/world drum'n bass culture, and Joe Claussell (Spiritual Life Music/ Body & Soul) representing post- house music" - says Ana Lourdes Alvarenga from MM&P, the event liason in NYC .

Once the 1st fair attracted more than 1,500 people - for it's 2nd round the producer Marcos (Spacecake Records) is expecting more than 2,000 vinyl lovers among DJs, musicians,  independent produces, collectors of all ages, shapes and sizes. For complete info, .

We are curious to hear what Brazilians have to say about KHARIT - Daniel Moreno and Hervé Samb would love to tour the tropics and feed from  the Brazilian Vibe for future projects ! 

To introduce  KHARIT to Brazil, is to cross-pollinaze fresh - spiritual - organic & improvisational world jazz and neo Brazilian music movements. We can't wait to see the results. Stay tuned !